Home insurance provides three main functions: 

  1. To repair and cover reconstructive costs of your home and other structures to restore 

       your property in the event of severe damage.

  2. To repair or replace your personal belongings both inside the home and on the go. 

  3. To cover personal liability issues in the event someone is hurt on your property. 

Auto insurance protects you against financial loss in the event of an accident or injury involving a vehicle. Coverage can include protection against damages to your vehicle, your belongings, other vehicles involved, and medical and personal injury. It can also protect against theft, vandalism, fire, severe weather, animals, and non-moving objects.

Who needs Home and Auto Insurance? When it comes to home insurance, there's something for everyone. Homeowners and renters alike can benefit from having the right amount of coverage. 


Auto insurance is beneficial and required for anyone operating a vehicle. It can be customized to cover a wide range of events and unforeseen situations. 

Already have home or auto insurance? 

Although you can buy auto insurance online or from any insurance agency, it's beneficial to have a trusted and licensed agent guide you through selecting the adequate coverage needed for your individual situation. Our team is trained to assist you in selecting the coverage that best fits your needs.

As an independent agency, Mundt and Associates is able to do the work for you by shopping insurance carriers with over 50 reputable insurance carriers. We help our clients find the most affordable rate while making sure everyone is properly covered. 

Home and Auto Insurance


Life insurance

Choosing a life insurance policy that can help protect your family’s financial needs is a big decision, and the first steps to making that decision are knowing how life insurance works and what type of coverage is right for you and your loved ones. The policy will provide a death benefit, paid to your beneficiary (usually a spouse or other family member), upon your death. The amount of coverage you choose is used to help your family cover service, cremation, or burial expenses, as well as to replace income, pay off debt, and fulfill your planning goals.

Who needs Life Insurance? Everyone's unique situation is different. Therefore, their need for life insurance may be differ. Traditionally the goal of life insurance is to provide a measure of financial security for one’s family after death. However life insurance also provides a number of living benefits and can be used as a tool for retirement planning, college planning, estate planning, and business planning.

Already have a life insurance policy in place? It is prudent to re-evaluate life insurance policies annually or when you experience a major life event like marriage, divorce, the birth or adoption of a child, or purchase of a major item such as a house or business.

business insurance

Protecting your business with the correct insurance coverages can be complicated. Businesses have many areas of risk and it's important to work with an experienced agent that can make sure you're adequately covered. Liability, Commercial Fire, Inland Marine, Workers Compensation, & Cyber Protection are all areas to consider, and that's not all.

Who needs business insurance? Whether you run a business with 100+ employees in several different states, or you're a sole proprietor doing business on your own, there are risks. Having the right coverage in place will protect your business from the unexpected, so you can keep your business running.

Already have business insurance? Have you reviewed it recently? At Mundt & Associates, Inc., we can review your current policies, and show you if you have places to improve. With several different carriers available, we're able to find the most affordable solution 

Estate Planning

Estate planning is an important step in deciding how your assets will be managed after death or incapacitation. It typically includes wills, trusts, durable power of attorney, establishing guardianship of living dependents, advanced healthcare directives, and more.

Who needs estate planning? Everyone! Every individual can benefit by having a plan in place, and by documenting their wishes should anything happen to them. This gives individuals peace of mind that their wishes will be heard, implemented, and fulfilled. 

Already have an estate plan in place? Have you reviewed it recently? Sometimes plans and priorities in life change. It is recommended to review your estate plan every year or when you've had a major life event. Mundt & Associates, Inc. works closely with a team of attorneys that can review your plan and recommend any changes that should be made.

financial Planning

Setting goals, tracking savings, and establishing a path for financial success is not always easy. Financial planning helps clients determine their financial goals and then create a strategic plan to accomplish them. Working with a financial planner with access to financial planning tools can help you consider all of the variables, so your plan is accurate in showing your chances of success.

Who needs financial planning? Everyone, regardless of their stage of life, needs a financial plan. Many people feel overwhelmed with all the things to consider, and having a plan to guide you toward your goals can bring you confidence in knowing you're on the right path. 

Already have a financial plan in place? Have you reviewed it recently? We recommend reviewing your plan at least annually to update your goals and find out if changes should be to made improve your chances of success.

wealth management

Wealth management is the utilization of processes, services, and products to grow, protect, utilize and disseminate wealth. Effective wealth management requires a united team of professionals working together across multiple financial service industries. Mundt & Associates, Inc. leverages a virtual family office to provide a multi-disciplinary approach to wealth management.  We combine planning strategies and financial services to create a clear path to follow to reach your current and future goals. Strategies are tailored and personalized to protect and grow business and personal wealth. We leverage the industry's best tools and technology to monitor your progress, and to keep you connected to your success. At any given time, you can access your client portal to review your accounts, and get accurate, real-time information.

Who needs wealth management? Managing your portfolio to build your nest egg requires constant attention, and most of our clients don't have the time or tools to do it effectively on their own. Working with a wealth manager can help you leverage the best tools and resources to do the job. We utilize a virtual family office to offer more comprehensive wealth management. If you feel like that would be beneficial for you, then you'd be a good candidate. It's not about how much you have. We work with clients of all sizes.

Already have a wealth management plan in place? Have you reviewed it recently? It is important to meet with your advisor regularly to review your portfolio and update your financial goals. Sometimes additional services or new plans are needed. It's important to work with a team of advisors that bring different perspectives and strategies that include, but are not limited to financial, tax, and legal advice. 

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tax mitigation

Proactive and holistic tax planning is more than just checking if your eligible for tax credits, deductions, and exemptions. Advanced tax planning goes beyond that to dig deeper. There are over 72,000 pages to the United States Tax code, and no one person can be an expert in it all. Mundt & Associates, Inc. works closely with some of the nations leading specialists in tax planning strategies, and we utilize a process to help you identify the most fitting solutions. It's our job to show you what can be done, what the pros and cons are, and the level of risk with each strategy. To learn more about our process, we invite you to schedule a meeting to discuss your current situation. 

Who needs tax mitigation? We find that business owners and high income individuals benefit the most from advanced tax planning strategies. If you are paying 6 figures or more in income taxes each year, or you own an asset that has appreciated in value and would be subject to capital gains, you'd be a good fit. Our clients also benefit from planning for estate taxes, and by creating a plan, we are able to significantly improve your situation.

Already have a tax plan in place? The tax landscape is always changing, and it's good to have your plan reviewed to make sure it's going to create the most optimal result for you and your family or business. Reach out to our team to schedule a meeting to discuss your tax issues today!

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social security planning

Developing a plan for taking Social Security can help you make the most of this retirement benefit. There are many different questions that come up when deciding when to take social security, including health, longevity, and other sources of retirement income. It can be helpful to review your options with a financial advisor to find the optimal strategy for your personal situation. Mundt & Associates leverages financial planning tools, and social security specialists to bring clients the most up to date information, so they can be confident in making the right decision. With a little proactive planning, a client can make a more informed decision resulting in tens of thousands of dollars of additional benefit for them and their family.

Who needs social security planning? Both retirees and individuals that are nearing retirement can benefit from this planning. At Mundt & Associates, we build social security planning into your overall financial plan to show you when might be the best time to take social security, and in what way. Contact us today to review your plan!

succession planning

Business exit/succession planning helps business owners develop an exit strategy to maximize their after-tax cash proceeds while meeting non-financial objectives. Succession and exit planning strategies will vary based on the particulars of the business (size, industry, management structure, and cash flow), the state of the economy, the M&A market, and personal objectives of the business owner.

Who needs succession planning? Our specialists will work with businesses of all sizes – ranging from those with less than $1,000,000 in revenue to those with sales in excess of $100,000,000.

Already have a succession plan in place? Our team of business planners can review your plan to provide input, and to recommend any updates or changes that may improve your plan. We've found that reviewing your plan every year as you approach exit will assure you are addressing the areas that need attention prior to sale / succession / or taking your company public.

charitable planning

There are many charitable planning techniques that can be implemented to help you accomplish your goals. Showing our clients how to leverage these charitable strategies can change their entire financial outlook. Not only can they make a meaningful difference in their church, community, or for a cause they feel passionate about, but they can also improve their tax situation at the same time. Our clients have found that by working with us, and our team of charitable planning specialists, they are able to optimize their overall financial situation in ways they didn't know were possible. Contact us today to discuss your specific goals, and we'll help you find the best strategy to give back!

Non-qualified plans

Non-Qualified plans are retirement plans that provide clients with retirement funds that aren't subject to as much tax in retirement. Many of our clients are concerned with rising taxes, and what that might mean for their retirement funds. Building a nest egg that protects your funds from future taxation can be a valuable part of your overall plan.

Who needs non-qualified planning? If you believe that taxes are going to be higher in the future, a non-qualified plan might be a good fit for you. If you are limited in what you can contribute to your qualified plan at work, such as an employer sponsored retirement plan, and you wish to save more, you may also benefit from a non-qualified plan.

Already have a non-qualified plan in place? Have you reviewed it recently? There are several ways to save in a tax preferential way. We analyze your current plan and provide input to help you choose the most optimal way to save for your retirement and we utilize a virtual team of experts to bring you the best solutions.

qualified plans

In their simplest form, Qualified Plans are retirement plans that meet specific requirements of the Internal Revenue Code, and as a result, are eligible to receive certain tax benefits.


There are two types of qualified plans – defined-benefit plans and defined-contribution plans (such as 401ks and profit sharing plans). A defined benefit plan is “defined” in the sense that the benefit formula is specified and known in advance. Conversely, for a "defined contribution pension plan", the formula for computing the employer's and employee's contributions is defined and known in advance, but the benefit to be paid out is not known in advance.

Who needs qualified plans? Any company or employer offering retirement plans to employees.  As an employer, your company is responsible for managing the plan's investments and risk. Many companies utilizing a qualified plan will hire an outside investment manager to do this. Qualified plans also offer tax incentives both to employers and participating employees. 

As a Business Owner, you have several areas to focus on to keep your business as profitable as possible. Business expenses are necessary to operate your business, and over time can become a big part of your monthly budget.  It's helpful to review your business expenses to find places to save. Cost remediation can help companies maintain their competitive edge by reducing operational costs and corporate risk to improve profit performance. Our cost remediation specialists will consider a number of items to lower your operating costs such as manufacturing incentives, vendor screening, energy deregulation, equipment lease audits, freight and parcel audits, hiring incentives, tax credits, cell phone audits, energy comprehensive studies, workers compensation audits, property lease audits, etc. There is no risk to this process, as our specialists only get paid if they find areas to save, and you decide to implement them. Our business owner clients are often surprised with the savings we find, and are delighted with the process we've built to find and implement them. Contact us today to schedule a free review of your business expenses to see if you can save!

cost Remediation

business valuation

Do you wonder what the value of your business is? There are several reasons to have a business valuation completed. If you're planning for sale, succession, or going public it may be a good time to get an accurate value of your business. If you're doing tax planning or business planning, that may also be a good time to get a handle on the value of your company. Our team of business valuation specialists can help!

Already have a business valuation? How old is it? If it's time to have it redone, or you'd just like to have it reviewed by one of our specialists, we can help. Contact us today to discuss!

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